3 Ways To Make Holidays Better For Senior Family Members

This time last year, no one would have imagined the absolute whirlwind that 2020 turned out to be. But while it’s been a stressful time for everyone, it’s been especially troublesome for people who are considered to be a ‘risk group’ by the CDC.

Although social distancing rules apply to everyone, the fear of transmission is heightened for the elderly. And while families nationwide are quarantining before meeting up for the holidays, many elderly citizens will be spending the holidays alone to keep themselves safe. Here’s how you can make the holidays memorable for them from a safe distance!

Bake Them Their Favorite Treats

There’s nothing that says I love you quite like a basket of delicious baked goods. While cooking is definitely a grandma duty, it would be nice to surprise your elderly loved ones with a basket of delicious goodies that they can enjoy during the holidays!

A lot of desserts may be difficult for older people to consume. It would be incredibly thoughtful to prepare nutritious and delicious snacks that are also safe to eat. This way, you can show them that despite the distance, you’re always thinking of them and willing to go the extra mile!

Arrange A Virtual Party

The start of the pandemic prompted a whole lot of virtual meetings. A medium that was initially used to fill in for in-person work meetings has become a common and convenient way to keep in touch with loved ones.

If it’s difficult to meet your elderly family members during the holidays, you can set up a virtual meeting in which they could participate. Get everyone on the call and have a fun time chatting away and sharing memories just like you would in person. You can even make a slideshow of old family pictures for some teary-eyed moments!

Hire A Personal Aide

There are many ways to remind your elderly loved ones that they’re always on your mind. However, it’s also important to give them the help they need to navigate life during a pandemic

A personal aide can help older people with their day-to-day activities. They can also be a form of social interaction for elderly people and encourage them to go out more. While you may not be able to go yourself due to the fear of transmitting the virus, personal aides are regularly tested and take all the precautionary measures to ensure safety and compliance.

If you’re looking to hire a health care professional in Long Island for your loved one, get in touch with us at Bethesda Care Elite. Our company prioritizes the safety and happiness of your elderly relative and gives them all the care they need in the comfort of their own home. Contact us today for more information on our services.

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