4 Signs That Your Elderly Parent Needs Some Extra Care

Asking for help is hard for some people. Sometimes, they may not even realize that they need a helping hand. Similarly, your elderly parent may not be aware of their need for extra assistance.

As their child, and as someone who is around them most, you’re the best person to identify whether your parent needs a caregiver. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a few signs to keep an eye out for.

Poor Home Maintenance

When someone finds it difficult to fulfill their primary housekeeping responsibilities, it’s a major red flag.

If you enter your parent’s home and find it unkempt or disorderly, the chances are that they can’t handle its upkeep. Additionally, late payment of bills or difficulty in fixing common plumbing problems are also signs of significant health problems that are preventing your parent from fulfilling their responsibilities.


A minor scrape or bruise isn’t a cause for concern, but frequent injuries are alarming.

Older adults have a higher chance of sustaining injuries from falls and accidents. Keep an eye out for any random bruises or sprains. The chances are that they may dismiss it as not a big deal, but it is essential to hire a healthcare professional who will ensure that your loved one is safe and not in harm’s way.

Poor Personal Hygiene

You may start to notice your parent looking a bit more disheveled than usual. Whether it’s messy hair, unchanged clothes, or a general lack of hygiene, this is a major red flag to look out for.

Often if an elderly individual is not feeling well, regular hygiene-related tasks become challenging to carry out. Bathing, combing their hair, and taking out clean clothes to wear can be a challenge if they are in poor health.

Avail Home Healthcare Services

It’s difficult to ask or make someone leave the comfort of their home, even if it is due to ill-health. The best course of action is to hire a nurse who will take care of your parent in a familiar setting. This way, the change in routine will not be a jarring experience.

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