All You Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease in the Elderly

As we age, our body begins to lose its ability to perform its functions optimally. With weakening immune systems, we become prone to a range of health issues.

A common medical condition among older people is Parkinson’s Disease, which affects over 900,000 people in the US. In fact, studies show that these numbers are expected to increase in the next 10 years drastically.

Although there’s no specific cause for Parkinson’s Disease, usually elderly patients with weak nervous systems are prone to develop it. The medical condition impairs the brain’s function, causing difficulty in moving, talking, walking, along with issues related to sleep, memory, and fatigue.

Let’s take a look at the causes, symptoms, and various treatments for Parkinson’s Disease and how healthcare professionals in Long Island can help.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Studies show men are 1.5 times more likely to develop this condition than women. Major symptoms to look out for are:

  1. Stiffness: difficulty in body and facial muscle movement along with painful muscle cramps.
  2. Slow movements: Issues in walking and moving quickly.
  3. Tremors: Sudden shaking of one’s limbs even when the muscle is in a relaxed state.
  4. Insomnia: Sleeping and memory issues
  5. Loss of balance and smell: Loss of control over basic senses.

Causes of Parkinson’s Disease

Common causes of the medical condition include:

  1. Genetics
  2. Environment
  3. Existing brain conditions
  4. Improper Medication

Diagnosis and Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

There are several treatments available for this condition, along with different medications and therapies that can help re-develop sensation in the brain and nerves.

Apart from deep brain simulations and other physical and speech therapies, patients always require care and comfort.

Although Parkinson’s Disease can’t be cured, medications can slightly improve the symptoms. At Bethesda Elite Care Inc, our professionals and experienced nurses provide home health care services and offer treatments such as physical therapy services in Long Island to help you or your loved one manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Our licensed professionals here in Long Island can take care of your loved ones’ physical and emotional needs. We ensure a thorough diagnosis and create custom treatment plans in accordance with every patients’ individual needs.

Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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