Effective Exercises to Keep Your Aging Loved One Fit & Healthy

Life expectancy in the US is 78.7 years, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Old age is eminent for all individuals, and while everyone’s thrilled about spending year after year with their loved ones, old age certainly has its drawbacks.

With old age comes a lack of movement and various health issues. It leads to significant psychological, physical, and social consequences among senior citizens. Fortunately, exercising and other lifestyle modifications can help elders stay healthy. Not only does it increase mobility, but it also keeps them socially engaged.

Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of exercises and a few ways your elderly loved ones can get into the habit of doing it regularly with the help of our home health care services Long Island.

Health benefits of exercising for seniors

A balanced lifestyle along with an efficient diet plan can work wonders for your body. With old age, more emphasis should be given to these things, as they can add years to your life.

Exercising has its own physical and psychological benefits, which include:

  1. Enhanced strength and balance
  2. Weight loss
  3. Prevention of chronic diseases and illness
  4. Improved self-confidence
  5. Improved focus and brain functionality

Exercise to stay fit

  1. Sports:Sports activities are considered rigorous training routines and should only be performed by capable individuals under supervision. These activities include swimming, soccer, tennis, and other such practices.
  2. Jogging: Light jogging is advised for all senior citizens and elders. About 20 minutes a day would suffice.
  3. Stretching:Moderate stretching and moving can extend muscles and loosen up ones’ body; this prevents cramps and other joint pain.
  4. Wall push-ups: A modified form of a regular push-up which elders and senior citizens can easily perform.
  5. Yoga: A part of ancient Indian philosophy that combines physical postures with breathing techniques to promote relaxation.
  6. Pilates: A method of exercise that enhances core and muscular strengths through endurance movements.
  7. Single Foot Wall Raises: This exercise improves balance and posture. With arms against a wall, lift one leg and balance-only using the other.
  8. Shoulder rolls: An easy technique to relieve the shoulder muscles. Elderly individuals can roll their shoulders in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to do this.
  9. Leg and Arm Extensions: Extending the limbs in a repetitive motion can improve mobility and prevent joint pain.
  10. Wrist and finger exercises: Stretching and extending one’s wrist and finger helps improve movability and strength.

There’s no denying that the natural aging process makes elderly individuals prone to joint problems and health conditions like arthritis and other cardiovascular diseases; however, like any other obstacle, this too can be overcome by hiring a nurse for your home in Long Island.

At Bethesda Elite Care Inc, we offer professional physical therapy in Long Island District to help your elderly loved ones live a comfortable life.

Hire experienced nurses for your home by getting in touch with us. Our personal care professionals help your loved ones feel secure, safe, and help them lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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