Here’s How Physical Therapy Can Comfort Seniors

The body you have today is slightly less healthy than the one you had a week ago. As you age, your muscles and joints need more care and attention, as they become more susceptible to pain and mobility is hampered. It’s why senior citizens often need assistive care.

Nearly 15% of the US population consists of senior citizens, so it’s crucial to provide them with the care they need so they can live an independent and comfortable life. Physical therapy has proven to be a great way to elevate the standard of life for older people. Here are some key advantages.

Improved Balance

Physical therapy helps promote movement, helping elderly citizens who spend most of their day in a wheelchair or are primarily bed-ridden. This is important because the lack of walking can lead to poor balance, resulting in injuries.

If you spend a prolonged period just sitting or lying down, you’ll find it challenging to maintain your balance while walking. This is one of the main reasons why senior citizens have a higher risk of experiencing fall-related injuries

These injuries can prove to be critical, potentially leading to emergency hospital visits. Physical therapy is an excellent remedy for improved balance and movement. The exercises prescribed by a physical therapist can help lower the risk of injuries as you age.

Reduced Pain

People aged from 45 to 65+ are at high risk of reporting doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The condition leads to pain and stiffness in the joints, making it difficult to move around. The less you move, the more painful your arthritis may get.

Physical therapy is a very common treatment prescribed by doctors for arthritis. The reason being that targeted exercises can actually promote movement and help alleviate the pain. Physical therapy also promotes muscle strength, which can help support the joints. A physical therapist will evaluate pain points and prescribe the best treatment plan through which the pain can be significantly reduced.

Boosts Positivity

Growing old is no walk in the park. The lifestyle change, health complications, and sudden isolation can all be incredibly challenging for elderly citizens. While physical therapy is mainly focused on strengthening the body, it also provides improved mental health.

Studies show that out of multiple lifestyle interventions, exercise has proven to be an excellent source of positivity in senior citizens’ lives. Exercise encourages the production of dopamine, a hormone that stimulates happy and positive thoughts. The change in routine and social interaction through physical activity is also an added advantage for senior citizens living alone.

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