Home Health Care 101: Learning More about Bethesda Elite Care’s Services

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you need help. Most senior citizens and disabled people can lead full, healthy, and happy lives when they’re getting the aid that they need at home. However, not all kinds of home healthcare professionals perform the same tasks, which is you shouldn’t disregard the positive impacts that a trained helper can have on your life.

At Bethesda Elite Care, we offer a range of trained home healthcare professionals in Long Island, NY, with different specializations to ensure that our community is getting the unique care they require. Let’s run through the kinds of home healthcare we provide and what that means.

Registered Nursing Care

This is the most medicalized form of care we offer. Our nursing care professionals are trained and qualified medical nurses who can assess patients’ medical health and make recommendations.  Our nurses can also help patients convalesce by charting their progress and providing peripheral medical care for healing.

A registered nurse is most suited for a situation where there is an active medical patient that needs at-home care. For example, someone recovering from a difficult surgery could require registered nursing care at home.

Home Health Care Aides

Home Healthcare Aides provide long-term care for individuals who have medical needs that they cannot fulfill themselves. For example, chronically sick parents and their children can require home health care assistance.

Home Health Professionals at Bethesda Elite Care specialize in childcare for disabled children or children whose parents are disabled. They can assist with mobility in and out of the home, administer medication, track health, and perform housekeeping chores, including cooking.

Personal Care Professionals

Personal Care Aides are trained experts in providing care centered on an individual’s daily normal functionality. They assist the elderly, disables, and sick with individualized personal care. They can even work with young kids who don’t have parents around temporarily due to illness.

They don’t provide health services such as home health care aides or registered nurses. Instead, they focus on tasks such as cleanliness, hygiene, home management, and counseling. Personal Care Aides can dramatically change a home environment from a neglectful one to a thriving one.

Home healthcare physical therapist providing services to client.

Mobile Physical Therapists

We also provide licensed physical therapists to people who are unable to travel to a clinic. Our physical therapists can be instrumental for patient recovery after an injury or in rehabilitating mobility with senior citizens.

Do you feel like you or your home could benefit from any of our qualified and experienced professionals? Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-631-503-7209 for home health care that won’t break the bank.

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